15january2014ben2Quick Facts
Name: Dr. Ben Glass, DC
Hometown: Middletown, NY
Impact Hub Oakland Member Since: 9/13
If You Go: Opening doors to The Shift Chiropractic located at 435 8th Street Ste 203 Oakland, CA 94607 on Saturday, January 18th 11:00am – 4:00pm with FREE evaluations, food and music. Presentations at 12:00 Noon and 2:00 pm on “10 Simple Strategies to Shift Your Lifestyle.” For a limited time offering a variety of discounted services and community wellness programs.

Hailing from diverse Middletown, NY, Impact Hub Oakland member Ben Glass comes alive when he is utilizing hands on skills to help people discover their inner depth through the art of chiropractic. He is passionate about working with others to discover the connection between spinal health and quality of life expression.

Excited to set roots in the Bay Area, his chiropractic office, The Shift Chiropractic and Community Wellness opens it’s doors in Old Oakland on January 18th. The Shift supports a progressive wellness model that emphasizes a shift in lifestyle to better your health. He recognizes how integral our health is to fulfilling our purposes and explains that “by taking an integrated approach to healing and healthier living, people move beyond pain and attain more energy, better sleep, clear thinking, and a life filled with movement in this hectic fast-paced world. By taking a proactive approach to life, we can avoid our next crisis and instead achieve great things in our work. Pain-free living, more energy and strong immunity will keep you in the game and is the key to generating momentum over time in your work.”

By taking a proactive approach to life, we can avoid our next crisis and instead achieve great things in our work.

He spent the last 4 years earning a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA–an institution known for its world class instructors and education. Ben honed his “ability to work with people of all backgrounds in a very sustainable way by using my hands, heart and knowledge to help others in their healing process. The postgraduate certification I recently completed has equipped me with the skills to facilitate a transformative and effective chiropractic wellness practice addressing all required variables that are necessary to create optimal health.”

When discussing challenges in launching this effort Ben mentions how finding a space that was accessible to a myriad of patients was the biggest challenge. Old Oakland had very few vacancies but once he located the beautiful, open and DSC_0386vibrant space he finally decided on he has undertaken the task of decorating the space in a way that is tasteful, comfortable and efficient for Shift’s patients. He has now turned his attention to streamlining his administrative systems to create the best patient experience possible.

Ben is committed to impacting the greater East Bay community through activities such as provision of free care at The Suitcase Clinic through University of California Berkeley and conducting workshops at various locations including middle schools, senior centers and HIV clinics. He has also presented workshops at our very own Impact Hub Oakland.

The Shift is interested in establishing partnerships with local businesses and organizations that recognize how important health is to creating impact and remaining competitive in every sector, so that together we can generate a stronger, collective awareness of health. As a member of Impact Hub Oakland, Ben is excited to connect with members who are open to making the kinds of changes necessary to live healthy, active and productive lives. He looks forward to offering ongoing educational, entertaining and participatory classes and workshops at Impact Hub Oakland that empower members with simple health strategies they can put into practice for 2014 and beyond.