Hacking the Economy 

Impact Hub Oakland in collaboration with Essential Knowledge for Transition is proud to announce “Hacking the Economy” – a three-month series of events exploring the forces shaping our economy, what’s going terribly wrong, and the local initiatives building a more just and sustainable economy from the ground up.

The social transformation we are engaged in requires an understanding of three large systems acting as the invisible operating system of society:

1)    The Money and Banking System

2)    The Financial System

3)    The Economic System.

Each month starting in June we will explore one of these three systems gaining a theoretical understanding of its design, structure and functioning, its impact on our lives as well as featuring local examples of institutions, enterprises and initiatives representing a systemic alternative to the status quo.

Each month we will kick off with a talk by Marco Vangelisti, founder of Essential Knowledge for Transition – a program for engaged citizens designed to make visible the operating system of society by breaking down in easy to understand terms how the money and banking system works, how the financial system works and how the economic system works and ways to transform them to bring about a more just and sustainable society.

June – Money & Banking

We will begin the series with an exploration of money and banking. Wed 6/4 6:30pm Marco Vangelisti will speak about “Money and Banking Revealed” During the month of June we will feature local alternative financial institutions providing banking services and local currencies providing an alternative to the US Dollar for mediating economic transactions.

July – Financial System & Local Investing

The theme will be the financial system and local investing. Wed 7/2 6:30pm Marco Vangelisti will speak about “Financial System Revealed and the Local Investing Imperative”. During the month of July we will feature a series of events showcasing organizations and initiatives fostering the re-localization of investments and catalyzing community capital.

August – Economic System & Alternatives

The theme for August will be the economic system and alternatives. Wed 8/13 6:30pm Marco Vangelisti will speak about “The Current Economic System and the Next”. During the month of August we will feature a series of events showcasing organizations, social enterprises, activities and initiatives that represent a systemic alternative to our dysfunctional economic system and showing the way towards the re-localization and democratization of economic activity and capital formation in our community.

Hack Economy