I would love to connect with HUB Staff, how do I do that?

We’d love to connect with you too! If you would like help a staff member out in their respective area or schedule a meeting with a particular HUB Staffer, go ahead and send a special member email to info@oakland.impacthub.net. Make sure you detail what you’re emailing about and who you’d like to speak with. That staffer will get back to you ASAP.

I’m interested in a permanent office, how do I get one and who can I talk to?

Hey, that’s great! You better do it soon because they’re running out. Get in touch with Lisa Chacón at lisa@oakland.impacthub.net.

How do I host an event at HUB Oakland’s Pop-Up?

Visit our events page and fill out an inquiry form http://oakland.impacthub.net/book-your-space/. They will get back to you within 2 business days about your event and the costs associated with your event. (Note: As a member, you are and always will be granted a discounted rate).

I’ve got a great business, I’m looking for new customers. How can I tell other people about what I’m working on?

HUB Oakland will have regular mixers but, better yet, our members create programs and structures to host each other and to provide opportunities for everyone to share their venture.

How can I connect with other HUB members?

We love this question because this is what we’re all about. Connecting! HUB is a hosted space where we connect people of like-interests. Beginning with your first day of orientation, a significant part of your orientation is to connect with other members. In addition, we have mixers and many opportunities to engage with changemakers like yourself! We also have some other tips for making your co-working experience work for you, check out our tips here!

I have a meeting with a client/I want to show my mom around! Can I have guests?

Absolutely! We love to show everyone our new space! Your guest can hang out with you for 2-hours. If they intend to stay longer, they can purchase a day-pass for $20. Find a HUB Oakland team member and they can charge you for one on Square.

Is coffee and tea included in my membership fee?

That’s a great question! We believe in the importance of supporting Fair Trade practices and purchasing organic products whenever possible. In that spirit we have chosen to partner exclusively with Equator Coffee and Teas for the coffee we provide to members. In order to make that happen we are asking for a donation of $.50 per cup of coffee. We also have an exclusive partnership with Numi Organic Teas and are pleased to offer a variety of flavors at no additional cost to members.

What’s the kitchen situation for Brown Baggers?

There is a refrigerator used by all members. Make sure to mark your food with name and date. We toss all items at the end of the week (Fridays) to insure freshness and space availability.

Where can I go when I want to have a conversation/phone call? Where can I go if I want to be silent?

If no one is using the conference room, you are more than welcome to use it to make a quick call.  At 2323 we will have 8 phone rooms and 2 team rooms (2-4 people).

Oh, I can book a conference room?! Cool, how do I do that and how do I cancel just in case something comes up?

Come to the help desk, pay in advance, and the room will be booked for you.  We have a 24-hour cancellation policy and anything less than 24-hours will not be granted a full refund.

Can I book the conference room at the Pop-up Location and, if I can, how much does it cost?

Yes! Costs are $10/hr for members and $15/hr for non-members.

Can I receive mail here? / Can I register the Pop-Up Location as my business address? and change it when the permanent space opens?

Why yes, you can receive your mail at the Pop-Up location. Find a team member and they can set you up.

Secure Storage: Is there a secure locker where I can place my things during the day?

Yes, depending on your membership level.  The 100 hrs and Unlimited members have access to At the moment, we do not have storage space but we’re working on getting it up and running.

Will there be enough outlets to plug?

No worries, there are plenty of outlets.

Is there ethernet access for members?

We have those too!

Are stand-up desks a priority?

Hub cares about your physical comfort! Stand up desks are and will be available.

Impact Hub Oakland is going to be pretty popular once it opens in the Uptown location. Can I reserve workspaces?

All seating is first come first serve. With 16,000 sf of space, there will be so many wonderful seating options, you will not be disappointed in any area you go.

What amenities are available other than a chair, a desk, and the internet?

As an Impact Hub Oakland member, you will have access to conference rooms, printer and fax, coffee and tea, an art gallery, events and programs that will knock your socks off, but most importantly, a vibrant like-minded community.

What are the hours?

9:00a – 6:00p, Monday through Friday. We anticipate opening later at night and on weekends in the future.

Does my membership work for HUB Berkeley and HUB San Francisco as well?

We have a passport system with the other Bay Area Impact Hubs, in order to take advantage of this you need to check in with the host and let them know you are a member of Impact Hub Oakland. The passport system is as follows: for HUB 25, HUB 50 membership levels:  2 passes per month, non transferable. HUB 100, Unlimited and Office:  4 passes per month, non transferable.

If I need to cancel or change my membership, how do I go about that?

We have a 15 day cancellation policy.  If your cancellation or change request comes within 15 days of the 1st of the month, you will not be billed for the upcoming month. Cancellations made after the 15th of the month will go into effect after the next billing cycle (you will still be charged on the 1st). If you want to make changes to your membership go to the Join Us page of the website and click on the Cancel or Adjust Your Membership link.

What methods of payment do you accept?

The easiest way for you to pay for your membership is by the auto-renew system described above, however, if you need to pay with check or cash we will gladly accept your payment in person on or before your due date each month.

If I have questions about my membership that’s not covered here or online, who can I contact about them?

Your Membership Experience and Engagement Coordinator, Danielle, will be the perfect person to talk to you. If she doesn’t know, she’ll direct you to someone who does. Email her at danielle@huboakland.net

Can I share my hours with my partner/intern/friend?

So sorry, memberships are sold individually and must be used individually. HOWEVER, guests are welcomed and encouraged. You may bring guests to the Hub and use coworking space for up to two hours in one day at no cost. If they choose to stay beyond that time we ask that they purchase a day pass from the host. Guests visiting with you in a reserved conference room for more than two hours are not subject to these rules.

What do I do if I am interested in changing my HUB San Francisco or HUB Berkeley membership to HUB Oakland?

Inform your local HUB and, in addition, contact Tatiana at tatiana@huboakland.net so we can prepare for your arrival.

How do I pay for my membership each month and when will I be billed?

We’ve made it easy for you to maintain your membership with Impact Hub Oakland by setting up a system that auto-renews each month using the payment information you entered on your application. You will be billed on the 1st of the month and depending on when you complete your membership application you can select if you want to begin immmediately or wait until the first of the upcoming month. Each time your card is charged you will receive a confirmation e-mail for your records.

What actually happens at the HUB?

A day in the life at Impact Hub Oakland: Imagine waking up and heading to ‘go to work.’ You arrive at IHO, head to the communal kitchen to grab a cup of coffee or an espresso. You grab one of the many seats in the large space. There are meetings being held in the conference rooms. You check out the large calendar on the wall to see what workshops, classes and events are going on in the space that day. You get to work, and when you feel like taking a short break, head over to the host’s desk to ask her for a recommendation of someone who has worked with your topic of interest. She introduces you there in the space and you grab lunch with your new friend. In the evening, you attend a networking Wine Down or a speaker panel in the event space.

I can work in coffee shop. What makes working in HUB Oakland different?

Coffeeshops have been the go-to places for independent workers for a long time. For about $5.00 you can sit in a crowded and noisy space for as long as you want. The environment is more socially stimulating than your home, so your need for social interactions feel met to a certain extent. However, beyond that, there is little more that working there offers.

Impact Hub Oakland (IHO) is a productive environment as well as a community support system to encourages you in your work and accelerates positive change in our world.  It’s a space that brings together like-minded people. You are sure to find similar interests and aligned missions with IHO members. The biggest value being the collective experiences and insights of those in the space, ready to share and help others with their challenges, to collaborate and co-create.
IHO provides networking opportunities to make the community stronger and facilitate creation of new projects and businesses.Educational offerings prove personal and professional self-development opportunities. Entrepreneurs and changemakers sharpen their skill sets, empowering themselves to bring their projects to light.

Lastly, event programming held at the IHO, free or discounted to members brings the community together around issues of interest and adds to the space, making it much more than just a coworking place.